What We Do

We provide products and services that help people in their everyday lives. As TaxiYes!, we help to remove some of the problems that slow you down. With our easy-to-use app, passengers get a taxi or licensed car in two quick taps, while drivers earn more money more efficiently.
Available on iOS and Android, TaxiYes! is the app for booking taxis. We provide an outstanding experience for our passengers, business users and drivers alike by giving them the most reliable, quickest and safest way to get around.
Our app allows passengers to book and track taxi in real time and drivers to navigate throughout the trip safely and efficiently. We have variety of amazing features and offerings like live on-trip chat/call, instant and pre-booked orders, social integration and favourite drivers, flexible payment schemes for passengers and drivers, full order history and personal inboxes, customizable settings and dashboards, 24/7 “no days off” dedicated support and many more!

Launched in June 2015, TaxiYes! is available in more than 10 cities, including Berlin, Moscow, Kiev, Tashkent, Baku, Chisinau and Madrid.
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